Villa Acquamarina

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    Costa Smeralda
  • Location:
    Porto Cervo
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Villa Acquamarina is set in a wonderful location, amidst sculpture-like granite rocks, with breathtaking views over Liscia di Vacca, La Maddalena Archipelago and the Island of Corsica.

Cussorgia (in Gallurese slang means ‘a compound of houses’) Miata comprises of 12 luxury villas of great taste, all properties have outdoor swimming pool and have been built respecting environmental laws. Villa Amoras takes its inspiration from the Sardinian ‘stazzo’ of the Gallura area, that is a typical building with trussed gable roof. The entire property is composed of 2 main buildings connected with the aim of creating an asymmetrical and irregular courtyard on the side of the mountains sheltered from the mistral wind.

The architect Luca Scacchetti has taken his inspiration from the water element and created the concept of continuity from land to water. At Villa Acquamarina the water flows directly into the outdoor swimming pool after having been allowed to flow from upstream under the glass floor of the living room, thus creating continuity with the sea.

The Villa is all on one floor, each window frame facing a precise point of the landscape in order to give a sense of continuity between outside and inside. This is particularly evident in the case of the large window of the living room, over 14 meters in length, leading to the garden, sea and La Maddalena Archipelago. The large window is framed by an architrave made ​​of sheet metal.

Architect Scacchetti has designed a wonderful 40 smq kitchen. Beauty and functionality merge with a charming attention to detail. The slate floor in the kitchen and for the shelves are very striking. The lighting adds further atmosphere.

The Villa Acquamarina is composed of a main body consisting of 3 major suites with dressing room, bathroom and sea view terrace. The decor of the master bedroom is a combination of wood and granite. It is a true hideaway full of charm and character. Interiors have their own independence, in fact each room is designed as a micro-reality and the Villa becomes the sum of these different micro-realities.

The Blue Junior Suite is an oasis of serenity and a source of inspiration. The furniture and decoration have followed the same rules as the design of the rest of the Villa: tastefully decorated with prestigious Frau furniture. The exterior is characterized by the presence of native plants: olive trees, oaks, myrtle, arbutus, etc. Everything fits with harmony and balance in the garden.

The materials used in Villa Acquamarina are granite, white plaster, bronze, teak and glass. Every detail of the Twin Junior Bedroom is taken care of aesthetic and functional together.

Senior Suite consists of two bathrooms and the study. The walls made of timber alternating with Venetian plaster, the ceiling takes many gable forms and recalls the colors of nature. The study room takes on the curves and contours of granite carved by the wind. The San Giacomo granite fireplace, captures the attention for its undulating form.

The future plans for Villa Acquamarina includes a Wellness center and two additional suites. The walkways of the garden are marked by river rock, leading to the pool entrance. The porch lies on a teak platform.

The architect Scacchetti is the creator of a perfect synthesis between tradition and comfort for example: outside you have granite–rock sculptures recalling the Mediterranean but inside the best of technology and modernity.

INCLUDED in the rate:

  • Maids
  • Bed linen and bath towel changes
  • Concierge
  • Gardener and pool maintenance

NOT INCLUDED in the rate:

  • Final cleaning
  • Private chef
  • Daily continental breakfast
  • Utilities (AC/heating, electricity, water, gas, internet)
  • Massage
  • Laundry
  • Wine Tasting
  • Yoga Classes
  • Personal Trainer
  • Baby sitting

The Villa can be rented both monthly and weekly.