When you arrive on the Island of Capri, you are immediately charmed by the refined beauty of this gem of the Gulf of Naples and you find yourself immersed in an idyllic Mediterranean village in which time goes by so peacefully.

Whoever decides to spend a couple of hours or weeks on this island will soon find himself absorbed into the local lifestyle thanks to the crowded and noisy little squares, the warm welcome from the townspeople, the wholesome Capri cuisine and the perfume of lemon trees, geraniums which decorate balconies, villas and bars.

As soon as you disembark at the Port of Marina Grande in fact, you feel as if you are entering a scene from a perfect stage set: whether you are sitting at a table in a Cafè or walking by the sophisticated boutiques or simply waiting for your ferry to leave, all this contributes to making the myth of Capri a reality.

Amid sunny coves and breathtaking scenery, the world famous Grotta Azzurra is a must. The Grotto can only be reached by boat so that you can witness the play of colours, caused by the external light penetrating through the submerged water. Equally well known are the Faraglioni di Capri, three gigantic rocky outcrops on the south-east of the island, famous throughout the world thanks to the spectacular view offered by the Augustus Gardens.

Charles Dickens wrote: “There is no spot in the world with such delightful possibilities of repose as this little isle”.

The sea around Capri is renowned for the contrast between the crystalline water and the green of the Mediterranean Macchia along the promontories embracing the bays. Marina Grande is the longest public beach in Capri and here, light coloured sand alternates with shingle. From afar, the bay is bubbling with private beaches, bars and smart restaurants.

The centre for high-life, where you can see the celebrities rubbing shoulders is the Piazzetta, a name fondly given to Piazza Umberto I. Whoever wants to really experience the real essence of Capri and succumb to its mystery, needs to hang out around this square. This is where the blue island spirit is captured. All you have to do is choose between an aperitif at sunset or whether to head for the most chic and popular nightclubs on the island, such as the Malafemmena and Anema e Core, where ancient and modern meet and where the notes of the typical Neapolitan songs mix with the rhythm of exclusive nightclubs and most popular discos.

At just a few steps from the centre of Capri are most interesting historical and artistic landmarks of the island such as the Arcucci family Palace, the ex cathedral of St. Stephen and the Clock Tower.

Anacapri too, the second town of the island, echoes the typical Amalfi coastline style with interconnecting alleyways, the warm red of bougainvillea in flower and interesting mix of architectonic styles. From the typical magnificence of the baroque splendor of the Church of St. Michael and of the Church of St. Sophia to the Pompeian red of the Casa Rossa. And from Anacapri you can get to the best vantage spot of the whole island, the top of Monte Solaro, by means of comfortable chair lift. From here the whole Bay of Naples lies at your feet. Here you can also visit the ruins of Brutus’s Fort, a military base dating back to the 1800’s which saw French and British in combat.

The sweet seduction of Mediterranean elegance awaits you

with your Capri Experience!